5 things you need to know about night driving

Post Date - Jul 19, 2022

Do you drive your route at night? Or have you wondered what it’s like to drive a truck at night? There are pros and cons to night driving. The most important thing is staying alert and ensuring your body is well rested so you’re not over-fatigued while driving. Here are five things you should know about truck driving at night: 

1. There’s less traffic 

Most people are tucked into their beds at night, which means you have fewer cars on the road to deal with. During the day, you’re sharing space with daily commuters, construction crews and people traveling for vacation. Although there’s significantly less traffic, it’s also important to remember that other drivers who are out at night may not be as alert due to visibility, fatigue or under the influence. So, if you’re going to be driving at night, make sure you’re keeping your distance, drive defensively and be aware of the drivers around you. 

2. You’ll have more parking options 

Most truck drivers are competing for parking spots in the evenings. As a night driver, you’ll have more flexibility around your parking options because daytime parking isn’t as big of an issue. This is a huge time saver because you’re not having to plan your route around parking spaces or worry about getting off the road earlier to secure a safe parking spot. 

3. You’re on your own 

A lot of truckers get into this industry because they like the solitude and independence of being on the road. Driving at night magnifies that because many dispatchers and customers - those you might be in contact with during the day - aren’t necessarily available throughout the night as well. While this can mean less help on the road if you need it or get lost, it also means more independence and autonomy. This is especially beneficial if you thrive on situations where you have to be self-sufficient. 

4. There’s less visibility 

Even if your eyesight is perfect, your vision at night will not be as good. It can be hard to see animals trying to cross the road and you might have a slower reaction time to other drivers. Not only should you keep more distance between yourself and other vehicles to give yourself more time to react, but we also recommend dimming your dashboard lights, stick to the speed limit, making sure your windshield and lights are clean, ad get your eyes checked regularly. 

5. It can be more relaxing

Since there’s fewer cars on the road and not usually much going on, many drivers find the quiet of night driving very relaxing. Just put in your favorite podcast or audiobook and you’re good to go for several hours. It’s important to remember not to get so relaxed that you’re not as alert and aware of everything around you as you should be. 

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