Post Date - Jun 21, 2021

Are CB radios a thing of the past? We think they’re still a vital part of the trucker life. In fact, a survey conducted by RoadPro Family of Brands found that 90% of drivers believe that the CB radio is a critical tool and 74% of drivers use one daily. They’re great for communicating with nearby drivers on the road about accidents and delays ahead, or warning drivers about issues with their truck. Plus, we think they’re a lot of fun too. Trucker lingo is something that’s stood the test of time, from before the Smokey and the Bandit days until now. If you’re not in-the-know about common CB radio speak, try using some of these the next time you’re driving:

All locked up - the weigh station is closed
Alligator - blown tire in the road
Auntie Mary - AM radio
Back door - behind your truck
Backslide - return trip
Bear - a law enforcement officer
Bear bite - speeding ticket
Big Apple - New York City
Billy Big Rigger - someone who brags about himself and/or his big truck, also known as a “supertrucker”
Big road - the Interstate or any big highway
Bird dog - a radar detector
Bouncing card - driver’s license
Bumper sticker - a car that’s too close to your bumper, also known as a “hitchhiker”
Cash register - tollbooth
Channel hogger - CB’er who talks too much
Chicken coop - a weigh station, also known as a “pig pen”
The chicken coop is clean - weigh station is closed
Collect call - calling for someone specific on the radio
Do what? - I didn’t understand/hear you
Don’t feed the bears - don’t get a ticket
Down ’n out - signing off
Dozing - parked
Eighty-eights - best wishes
Flip flop - a u-turn or a return trip
Follow the stripes home - have a safe trip home
Give me a shout - answer me back
Go-go juice - diesel fuel
Guitar Town- Nashville
Hammer lane - fast lane
Handle - CB nickname
Hit the hay - go to sleep
Hot stuff - coffee
It’s your nickel - it’s your turn to talk
Let your flaps down - slow down
Looking fine - the road is clear
Magic mile - the last mile of a trip
Mud ball - donut
Nodding out - getting tired
Pink Panther - unmarked police car
Pole cat - skunk
Popcorn - hail
Put an eyeball to - to look at something
Rat race - heavy traffic
Road pizza - roadkill
Roller derby - bad accident
Sailboating - running low on fuel
Sandbagging - listening to the CB radio without talking
Sesame Street - channel 19 on the radio
Skating rink - slippery road
Smile and comb your hair - slow down, there’s a radar ahead
Starving the bears - driving the speed limit
Stand on it - drive faster
Stopping for groceries - stopping to eat
Taking pictures - police using radar
Thick stuff - fog
Too many eggs in the basket - overweight load
Travel agent - dispatcher
Water hole - truck stop
Watermelon 500 - Atlanta
We’re listening - I hear you
What are you pushing? - What kind of truck are you driving?
Yard stick - mile marker
10-4 - okay/copy
10-20 - location
10-33 - emergency

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