Post Date - Jul 2, 2021

We all know that eating healthy on the road can be a struggle for truckers. It takes planning ahead to avoid grabbing whatever’s quick and easy from fast food places or truck stops. One of the major keys to eating healthy as a driver is to make sure you have the right cooking tools in your truck. We’ve compiled a great list of options you have for cooking on the road. Space is limited, of course, so you’ll want to pick the things that are the best for your cooking style:

1. Slow cooker

Crockpot slow cookers allow you to cook your meal all day long so it’s ready whenever it’s time to eat. Many slow cooker now have a digital setting that will keep your food warm after it’s done cooking. You’ll want to look for something small, around 1.5-3 quarts, which is perfect for cooking one or two servings at a time. Some slow cookers even come with a 12-volt plug like this one. We also recommend using a slow cooker liner, which makes cleanup a breeze!

Amazon - Slow Cooker

2. Electric skillet

One cooking tool that is really versatile is the electric skillet. It’s perfect for cooking small meals and can be used as a griddle, steamer, for stir-fry dishes and more.

Amazon - Electric Skillet

3. Hot plate

Hot plates are your stove away from home. When it heats up, you can use any flat-bottomed cookware to create your meal.

Amazon - Hot Plate

4. Instant Pot

If you like the convenience of a slow cooker but want the versatility of an electric skillet, an Instant Pot might be the right tool for you. Use it as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan, steamer and warmer.

Amazon - Instant Pot

5. Air fryer

Looking for a way to cook healthier meals? An air fryer is a great way to do that. You can heat up and cook your food using no oil. This is a delicious way to cook veggies, but you can also cook things like steak and fish with it too!

Amazon - Air Fryer

6. Blender

Enjoy smoothies for a healthy breakfast on the go? Personal blenders are perfect for making shakes and smoothies without taking up a lot of space. Some blenders come with their own travel cup so you can simply blend and go.

Amazon - Blender

7. Mini fridge

Mini fridges are a must if you’re prepping food at home to cook or reheat on the road. You’ll want to get one that has a reversible door so you can use it however is most convenient to your space. Adjustable shelving is another feature you’ll want to look for, as it will help you customize the space for storing your food.

Amazon - Mini Fridge

8. Microwave

If you’re making your meals at home and need to reheat them on the road, a microwave might be the only tool you need.

Amazon - Microwave

9. Portable cooking utensil set

Cooking utensils are a must if you’re making meals in your truck. A set like this one includes all your basic essentials and it even comes in a bag to keep everything organized and out of the way.

Amazon - Portable Utensils

10. Coffee press

For coffee drinkers, a reliable coffee maker is important. Try a portable travel coffee press. You can easily make a couple cups of coffee in minutes and cleanup is quick.

Amazon - Coffee Press

What’s YOUR favorite cooking tool for truck drivers? We’d love to hear what you use in your own truck!