Post Date - Aug 24, 2021

Most carriers are trying to get drivers to fit into their mold, regional driver Eric Springs said. But CalArk understands our CDL-A drivers have lives outside of work. That’s why we offer higher pay and predictable home time on regional runs.

“You have to find a company that fits your life,” Eric said. “If you want to find a place where you mean something to the company, CalArk is the place for you.”

As an industry-leading irregular route carrier, we’re able to offer stable truck driving jobs with regional lanes and quality home time. And this year we increased pay for CDL-A drivers across the board.

“It’s nice to be able to say ‘I’ve done a good job today,’ and have someone appreciate that,” Eric said. “The idea that I’m proficient at something, that I contributed to something, to an organization -- CalArk gave me that opportunity.”

Since CalArk puts safety first, when Eric is training new drivers, he said he makes sure that he’d be comfortable having his family on the road alongside them before sending them on runs.

“CalArk is not a company that just puts you out there,” he said. “It’s a safe company. They’re not trying to just put anybody out there they can find in a truck.”

Eric is from Hot Springs, AR, and has been with CalArk for eight years. He said his only regret is not joining sooner.

“It’s a respect thing,” he said. “From management to maintenance to the driving fleet. It permeates throughout. It’s the culture of the company and you don’t find that everywhere.”

Our regional lanes are open primarily along the I-35 corridor in Texas. We currently have dedicated regional CDL-A jobs in TX, PA, and OH. CalArk has the wheels that move your future. Apply for high paying, regional CDL-A truck driving jobs today!