Post Date - Nov 19, 2021

There are a lot of things truckers love about being CalArk company drivers, but the number one reason is because we’re truly a family.

“As a driver, you’re dedicated to this job as much as they are,” says driver Alan Hall. “CalArk supports you and you support them.”

Another CalArk driver, Tim Russell, started working with us after he retired from the Army.

“Trucking was the next big step to be part of something that was bigger than me. Everybody’s family here.”

We’re proud to provide our company drivers with great pay and miles while still getting them plenty of home time. It’s important to us that each of our drivers understand how much we value their hard work and that we prioritize their home time as much as they do. Company drivers at CalArk gross over $1,300 every week, plus they can earn a monthly productivity bonus. We also have a driver referral bonus program and a $1,500 sign-on bonus.

“This is a really nice profession to get into and I enjoy being at CalArk,” adds Alan.

Aside from the top pay and benefits drivers can find when they work for us as a company driver, it’s really the people here that make all the difference. Our team is made up of friendly drivers who support each other. Take driver Jose Alvarez as an example. Jose was recently named our 2021 CalArk Warehouse Services Overall Driver of the Year.

“I was a quiet person when I first started with the company,” he says. “Being with CalArk helped me to open up and realize that I could put my guard down.”

Now, Jose is committed to helping other drivers build strong careers at CalArk.

“We’ve got some really good guys this year and I’ve see some of them are kind of quiet like I was in the beginning,” he explains. “I like to help them get out of their shell a little more. You can really bring the best out of an individual when you do that.”

If you’re ready to join a family of drivers that values and supports you, we’d love to have you come to CalArk! Give us a call today to get started.

CalArk Driver Appreciation from Content Titan on Vimeo.