The best advice from truckers for truckers

Post Date - Jul 1, 2022

Starting a new career in trucking can be intimidating, especially if this is a career unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Thankfully, there are a lot of drivers out there who have been on the road for a while and who are willing to share what they’ve learned. After all, the best trucking advice comes from those who’ve already been in your shoes. Here's some advice drivers your friends at CalArk has found to share with new drivers to the industry:

“Your first year, you’re going to make mistakes. Everybody’s human. Don’t get frustrated, because it’s going to come and it’ll happen for you. Just go with the flow and assert yourself as good driver.” - Garrett (in an interview with Happiness by the Mile)

“Practice your backing skills. Stop pulling forward through those parking spaces because the only way you’re going to learn is by practice.” - from Driven Trucking

“Be huge on trip planning. Study the interstate system going through big cities so you have the full picture in your head instead of relying on GPS. And take your time in adverse weather conditions.” - Tyler (in an interview with Happiness by the Mile)

“STOP! Think and plan. It’s not just a slogan. Have a plan for your plan and a backup plan just in case. Always give yourself an out.” - bassnote1 (reddit)

“Keep a clean polo or button-down shirt on a hanger. Put it on before going into a shipper or receiver. This will get you much better treatment than if you look like a slob.” - PaxTharka (reddit)

“Go to driving school first to get your CDL. Then, you’ll have the freedom to choose whatever job you want. This way, you’re not limited or stuck in a contract working with a specific company for a certain amount of time.” - Jerome (in an interview with Happiness by the Mile)

“Get your license during the summer. It’s a lot easier and less stress than dealing with the hazards that can happen during the winter.” - Jerome (in an interview with Happiness by the Mile)

“Make sure all your lights work before you take off. If you have a headlight out, DOT will pull you over and that gives them an excuse to do an inspection.” - The Truck Driver Guy

“Stay away from larger companies because you’re just going to be a number and they’re not going to refer to you by name. Stick to a smaller company - you’ll be a lot happier because they’re going to respect you.” - Bill (in an interview with Happiness by the Mile)

“Trust your instincts. If your gut’s telling you don’t do it, don’t do it. I’ve seen multiple people wreck because they’re listening to eerie dispatch and second guessing themselves.” - Andrew (in an interview with Happiness by the Mile)

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