Post Date - Feb 17, 2022

Love is in the air….and on the shelves overflowing with heart-shaped candies, flowers and cards. But your friends at CalArk wanted to look a little deeper into how we celebrate Valentine’s Day and what makes it a special holiday.

Date night: Staying in or going out?
If you’re a CDL-A truck driver who is home for the holiday, a night in may sound ideal – and you’re not alone in that!

  • 62% of people plan a night at home on Valentine’s while 30% go out for dinner and a movie or entertainment of some sort.

Be mine

  • Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach $23.9 billion in 2022 (yes, that’s a “B”) on Valentine’s Day-related purchases.
  • The highest dollar category of Valentine’s Day spending is jewelry, which accounted for $4.1 billion in 2021.
  • Last year, men spent approximately $231 per person, while women spent about $101.

Make it sweet

  • Not surprisingly, candy is the most popular Valentine’s Day gift, with 54% of participants planning to buy sweets for the holiday.
  • Americans purchase about 58 million pounds of chocolate for Valentine’s Day.
  • Around the world, approximately 145 million Valentine’s Day cards were exchanged in 2020, (not including classroom valentines.)

Flowers never miss
Whether you stick with the traditional bouquet of red roses or choose a collection of unconventional blooms, Feb. 14 is the perfect way to express affection.

  • The total spend on flowers added up to $2 billion last year.
  • 36% of people plan on giving flowers for Valentine’s Day in 2022.
  • Usually, it’s the guys buying the blooms! Men account for 56% of Valentine’s Day flower sales and women just 18%.
  • Not surprisingly, roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day flower, with over 250 million produced exclusively for the holiday each year.

What’s the story?
Without digging too deep in history, most people agree there was someone known as St. Valentine although what he did to start this romantic tradition is up for debate. One story features a priest named Valentine who defied Emperor Claudius II (around 270 AD), who outlawed marriage for young men to make them better soldiers. Father Valentine secretly performed marriage ceremonies in spite of the law.

Another possible origin story involves a man named Valentine who helped Christians escape captivity in the Roman prisons. This Valentine penned the first Valentine’s Day card when, from jail, he sent a letter and signed it “From your Valentine” thus kicking off a tradition we embrace to this day.

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