CalArk Driver Spotlight

Mikel Jones

July 10 2020

Mikel Jones, shown here with CalArk's Florida Warehouse Manager Ken Ellis, received an award this week for two years of driving safely for CalArk after being Warehouse Driver of the Year 2018.

Timothy Bailes

July 10 2020

Tim has worked for CalArk since March 2011 and is on Karen Dennis’ board. He's a jokester who likes to make people laugh, even when talking to Leslie Stout at 7:30am before she's had her coffee!

Jesse Alegría

July 10 2020

It is bittersweet to be typing these words, but after 10 years and 1.2 Million Miles of Safe driving Jesse Alegría is taking some time off from trucking. He will be greatly missed while he is away, but he promises he is coming back to us at CalArk. It is a commendable reason to take time off; Jesse said his wife of 32 years (as of December 19, 2018), Rosalba, has been patient with him being over the road. With just 2 and 3 days home here and there, Jesse says he owes Rosalba more.

Danny Taylor

July 10 2020

Danny has worked for CalArk since April 2011 and works with his driver manager Michelle Finn. With 20 years of driving experience, he's known to be a hard runner who's always willing to go that extra mile.

Jerry Lockhart

July 10 2020

Please join us as we congratulate Warehouse Services Driver, Jerry Lockhart, on 5 years of safe driving.

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